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See the MagrowTec™ Field Results


What is MagrowTec™?
MagrowTec™ is a magnetic assist technology that mounts on the
sprayer; the manifold contains rare earth magnets. When the tank mix
flows through the manifold, the fluid properties are enhanced to create
optimum size droplets resulting in better coverage with less drift.

How does It work?
The magnetic effect changes the hydrogen bonds of the fluid which
ultimately changes the surface tension resulting in optimum size
droplets. This is known as the MagrowTec™ effect. MagrowTec™
enhances coverage and efficacy.

What’s the benefit to your operation?
The MagrowTec™ effect reduces water usage by 25-40% or more and
eliminates some additives. After initial post spraying, many growers
have eliminated additional applications and trips across the field, while
increasing weed control. In foliar applications, MagrowTec™ is
decreasing disease presence and increasing yield.

MagrowTec™ delivers efficacy.

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